4 Functional Solutions For Narrow Kitchen Spaces

  • Moe Saadeh / KITCHENS / 24th August 2016

Not all of us are blessed with gargantuan kitchens that could fit an entire crowd in it without any hassle. The reality of it is, many people live in small houses, apartments or just living spaces that don’t give them as much kitchen space as they would ideally want. Whether it is a narrow kitchen space or simply a kitchen that is lacking in storage solutions, there is always a way around it. Have a look at these 4 functional solutions for narrow kitchen spaces – with your kitchen’s entire potential made to best use, you won’t even miss the extra space that you once longed for.

Utilise All The Corners Available To You


One of the last places most people think about as a storage hack is the corners of their kitchen cabinets and drawers. When it comes to maximising storage space in the most efficient way in smaller kitchens, corner solutions are one of the best options out there. Pull out corner drawers swing the contents you have stored out in front and drawers move independently from each other. The corner unit solutions we provide combine very high space utilisation with outstanding access.

The Wall Is Your Canvas

Kitchen wall space is often ignored and underutilised. Most people do not realise how much you can actually do, or even store on a kitchen wall. Gone are the days of chunky knife blocks that take up half of your counter space – magnetic knife racks on the wall keep your knives well organised, accessible and look fantastic as a bonus. On top of knife racks, installing a pegboard on the wall that can house your pots and pans by hanging them up is another great space saving option.

Shelf Inception

What is shelf inception you may ask? Well, it’s a shelf in a shelf! Whilst there are many fantastic shelving and cupboard options available, it never hurts to go the extra mile and fully make use of any space that you may have. A great tip is to purchase cabinet shelves that can be stacked up in your cupboards, creating a three-layer storage space in what would otherwise be just one layer of storage. 

Install A Fold Down or Slide Out Kitchen Table

One of the most ingenious ways to create some extra space that you can sneakily hide when people are around is to install fold down or slide out kitchen tables. Paired with some foldable chairs, this creates extra space for you to do your prep work on, or it can even double up as a dining table for those who are really pressed for space. Once you are done using it, a simple fold up or slide in conceals the table, leaving your kitchen clean and clutter free.


With these functional storage solutions, anyone can turn a narrow kitchen space into a storage dream. Always remember, it’s not how big you kitchen is, it is how well you put it to use!