5 Stages of Kitchen Renovation

  • Moe Saadeh / ESI NEWS / 29th June 2016

At ESI Kitchens, we adhere to a tried and tested method when developing our custom kitchen renovations for our clients. These steps ensure that you are a key decider in your future kitchen’s design and that the finished product is truly something tailor-made to your vision.

Quote & Measure

Our first step in your renovation involves you coming in for a free quote and measure – at ESI Kitchens, this stage is absolutely integral because it is the precise, millimetre-specific measurements that will be key in the next step of your renovation.

3D Modelling

Using the data we have collected about your kitchen’s current dimensions and available space, we can then begin the process of 3D planning your brand new kitchen. In this stage, we’ll talk to you about what you need and desire from your kitchen – are you a chef with a bursting pantry, searching for a way to maximise  storage? Or are you interested in an island benchtop, ideal for entertaining guests and opening up the kitchen to the rest of your home and guests like? At ESI Kitchens, we will construct a myriad of options for you to choose from.

Decision Making

Once we’ve developed a designer kitchen plan that you love, you’ll need to make some specific decisions. You’ll need to decide upon a particular style for your kitchen, choosing between a preference of sleek, minimalist handles, larger brass handles, polished splashback surfaces or traditional detailing. We’ll be able to help you pick the particular materials your kitchen will need – from the type of benchtops you want (marble or laminate), to the colour you would prefer your cabinets to be and what materials they should be made of.

This is the unique stage that sets us apart from the rest – at ESI Kitchens, we’re truly committed to personal customisation.


After we know exactly what we need to construct or build and what we need to build it from, ESI Kitchens can then begin building your custom fittings and furnishing at our Melbourne-based facilities. Equipped with cutting-edge precision engineering equipment, we are able to manufacture all your tailored fittings with laser accuracy, to ensure that they fit into your kitchen space perfectly.

Installation & Fitting

Once we have custom-built all necessary components, we can then begin installing your new cabinets along with splashbacks, benches and stovetops. With the help  of the key information we noted from our initial measure and quote, this process is streamlined – since all the fittings are made just for your kitchen, installing them with absolute precision is a breeze.