7 Kitchen Storage Hacks To Make Your Life Easier

  • Moe Saadeh / KITCHENS / 03rd August 2016

Regardless of how much space we have, adequate amounts of storage space always seems to be an issue, whether you are just one person with a small kitchen or a large family that uses a big kitchen every single day. Fully utilising all the space in your kitchen means making use of every nook and cranny that you can possibly find in your kitchen. Thankfully, we here at ESI Lifestyle have created a handy list of 7 kitchen storage hacks to make your life easier. Read on to find out how you can easily maximise your kitchen space!

Go Shelf Crazy!

A great way to clear up space in your kitchen is to install shelving on walls and even on the insides of cabinet doors. Floating shelves on your kitchen wall resemble a modern kitchen design and enable you to keep items such as sauces, spices, and seasonings in an organized and space efficient way.

 Get Rid Of Your Knife Block

Gone are the days of clunky, chunky knife blocks that sit on your kitchen counter and take up a huge amount of space. Clear your counter for a neater look and more workspace by purchasing and installing a magnetic knife block on your kitchen wall. It looks great, keeps the edges on your knives sharp and makes it easy to grab what you need at a quick glance.

Fridge Storage Magnets

The magnetic outside walls of your fridge are full of untapped potential when it comes to creating extra storage. Instead of cluttering it up with bills, magnets, and photographs, attach magnetic storage shelves to your fridge in a bid to  organise paper towels, oven mitts, plastic wrap and other everyday essentials.

Use A Lazy Susan In Your Cabinets

In inconvenient corners or small cabinets that you may not use due to awkward space constraints, using a lazy susan makes everything you have easy to find and reach. Using a lazy susan is a great way to keep track of all the food and pantry items you have so that you don’t waste any or buy items that you already have at home.

Utilise Pegboards – Ala Julia Child!

Kitchen pegboards are a fantastic way of storing your pots, pans, and other kitchen utensils in a neat and vintage looking way. Pegboards can be purchased online and are easily mounted onto walls. Utilising a pegboard can save you huge amounts of cabinet space that would otherwise be used to store your bulky pots and pans.

Shoe Holder Storage

This may sound like a strange kitchen storage hack, but it is a very effective and useful one. Fill over the door shoe holders with snacks, lollies, and other loose food items that may cause a mess in a cabinet. Once slung over your pantry door, you have a perfectly organised and inexpensive snack station – perfect for the kids or anyone else in the family.

Add A Kitchen Island To Your Space

A modern kitchen island can bring some added organisation and functionality to your kitchen as it can serve as both a place to eat breakfast or snacks, as well as double up as an extra storage space.

Follow these 7 kitchen storage hacks and transform your kitchen from a messy and cluttered nightmare into a well organised, spacious and beautiful space that you are proud to show off!