5 Ways To Give Your Kitchen A Timeless Facelift

  • Moe Saadeh / KITCHENS / 10th August 2016

There is nothing better than having a beautiful kitchen to do all the cooking for the family and entertaining in. You may find that your kitchen is looking a little out-dated, a tad bit retro or just not that visually appealing to match both your personality and home decor. Many people are at a loss as to how to go about with kitchen renovations, but fret not, for here are 5 ways to give your kitchen a timeless facelift!

Neutral Coloured Fixtures Are The Way To Go

Back in the 70’s, having orange benchtops and lime green cabinets were all the rage. Fast forward to today – no one uses such colours in their kitchens anymore. In order to achieve a timeless look to your kitchen, neutral colours are always the way to go. Standing the test of time, neutral benchtops, work surfaces and cupboards never go out of fashion. On top of being timeless, neutral colours lend a modern touch and an element of class to any kitchen.

Consider Installing Open Shelving

One of the most timeless solutions to kitchen storage is the addition of layers. Open shelving and upper cabinet free kitchens don’t only look good – they serve a very functional purpose as well. The open shelving look lightens any kitchen up by creating visual space and allows you to store your glasses, bottles, and other kitchen accessories in an area of easy access. Always keep in mind to display items that are minimal and color coordinated with the rest of your kitchen for that added touch of timelessness.

Opt For Stainless Steel

We always prefer opting for stainless steel appliances, whether they be refrigerators, microwaves, ovens or cooktops. You will notice that many commercial kitchens or professionally renovated home kitchens also opt for stainless steel fixtures. Unlike the regular old white microwaves and fridges that can tend to look a little like something out of your granny’s basement, their stainless steel counterparts never go out of fashion. Together with neutral coloured benchtops, and cabinets, it is a surefire way to achieve a modern, timeless looking kitchen.

It’s Time To Go Handleless

Handleless style kitchens incorporate one-touch, push open cabinets and cupboards into your kitchen. This disregards the need for unsightly handles or knobs on your cabinets, giving your kitchen a clean and contemporary feel that will last you a lifetime. Seamless handleless designs are low impact with their push-to-open features, making it perfect for a busy and bustling kitchen. Whether paired with a traditional or modern look, handless kitchens will give you the timeless look you are going for, along with being one of the most functional and efficient types of cabinetry you could opt for.  

White Tiled Splashbacks

For an effortless look that stands the test of time, we recommend having a white tiled splashback installed into your kitchen. You can choose tiles that are glossy, crackle, beveled or square edged, handmade or machine made, or even in white marble. White never goes out of fashion, and you can be sure that 15 years down the road, your kitchen is going to look as relevant as it does today.

With these handy tips on how to give your kitchen a timeless facelift, we at ESI hope that you achieve the kitchen of your dreams – one that stands the test of time and remains current even 20 years down the line.