Benefits Of A Well-Designed Kitchen

  • Moe Saadeh / INTERIOR DESIGN / 28th April 2016

There are so many benefits of having a well-designed kitchen. The kitchen has evolved over the years and is no longer an area used for cooking alone, the kitchen is often used to entertain, share family meals and even sit the kids down to complete their homework. In other words, kitchens are an integral part of the home and the way we choose to design them should reflect their importance.

Strategic kitchen design can maximise functionality and space. Before renovating your kitchen, consider the way in which you move around the kitchen and use the space. Many families use their kitchens to spend time with each other and catch up on the day’s events. Plan the area well, ensuring there is adequate room for your family’s individual needs.

Clever positioning of essential items in your kitchen such as the oven or refrigerator can even save you money. For example, if the oven and refrigerator are separated instead of being placed directly next to one another, the fridge will use up less energy by not having to counteract the heat produced by the oven. Placing frequently-used items like this apart will also mean better access for multiple people at any one time.

Adding design features such as built in storage systems can also be highly beneficial. A well-organised kitchen is always easier and more enjoyable to use. Having smart storage solutions in your kitchen allows you to maximise space. Ensuring that you have ample room for all of your appliances, dishes and food, enables you to keep the area tidy and free of clutter. Also, having everything within easy reach can improve the rooms usability and functionality.

Finally, a kitchen designed with its primary use in mind should always be easy to maintain. Consider using materials that are durable and will stand the test of time. Remember that most kitchens are high-traffic areas and the materials used should reflect this. Choose surfaces that are scratch-proof and easy to keep clean and. Having cabinets and countertops that can be wiped down quickly and effectively will mean you avoid having to spend hours cleaning them. In short, selecting suitable materials will not only make your space aesthetically pleasing but will also save you time, energy and money.